Inquiry Blog 2: Declaration of CoP and Rebellion

The discourse I wish to dwell in for the duration of this semester is Sequential Art. This discourse is basically the art and the writing of comics, so essentially this discourse IS a comic book. The primary concept of comics are to portray mighty heroes fighting for their morals and beliefs against a terrible foe who loses in the end, one way or another.  In the recent Spiderman #700, Peter Parker loses his body to Dr. Octopus and dies. Dr. Octopus is now in control of Peter’s body and has the intent of doing bad until he realizes all the sacrifices Peter made and dedicates himself to the same principal.  At the end of this saga, Dr. Octopus vows to do good and become the superior Spiderman.  This is the exact opposite of the primary concept of comics.  In this example, the considered “bad-guy” won. My proposal is to start a new genre of comics where we see from the antagonists viewpoint where they win trying to incorporate their morals and due to this win they change for the better or worse. This completely flips the discourse on its head and torques it 90 degrees right. By doing this, other artists and authors would come together and come up with completely radical and twisted new worlds to write and draw from.  This could launch the Discourse to a completely new age: The Onyx Age. As for myself, I would write from the crevices of the human mind and unlock all the mad and twisted delusions that hide in there. It wouldn’t change me necessarily just my thought process as I did this.  We would see worlds where the protagonists and antagonists would die only for the better cause of the story.

By camerontalbert

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